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What is an On Board Hand Carry Courier:

A knowledgeable experienced courier will personally receive your package and deliver it anywhere in the world on the next available commercial flight. The package will be with the courier at all times from pick up to delivery.

Many of our couriers are retired police officers; also many have duel citizenships and can bypass visa requirements for countries that require visas for US citizens.

We offer a hand carry service for critical deliveries, where your package is too important to be delivered by conventional methods. Dedicated courier picks up your package, accommodates it on a commercial airliner, while maintaining constant contact and control over your shipment throughout the course of the delivery.

This unique service offers the highest level of security and privacy, intended especially for shipments that require extra security as well as extra speed.

On-Board Hand Carry Benefits

  • One Way Delivery
  • Round Trip Delivery
  • Multiple Deliveries, one pickup, multi-city delivery
  • Protection from duplication
  • Protection from theft
  • Protection from physical damage
  • Protection from loss

Rates starting at $1,995*

Checked Baggage Service

We also offer checked baggage service: If your item is too big to be carried on, we can check the item to the final destination (This service carries the usual risks relating to lost baggage etc). All airlines have different weight restrictions, they vary from 20kg(50lbs) to 30kg (70lbs). Please call for details on your destination.

Hand Carry Sizes & Dimensions:

Item must fit in overhead bin.

Weight and size restrictions:

Coach Class: One piece. Individual dimensions not to exceed 23 x 36 x 56cm, (approx 9 x 14 x 22 inches) and 13lb/6kg in weight.

Business & First Class: Two pieces. Individual dimensions not to exceed 23 x 36 x 56cm, (approx 9 x 14 x 22 inches) and 16kg (35lbs) in combined weight, with each piece weighing more than 12kg. (26 lbs).

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